The Emergency Extraction Line (EEL)
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Fuel Disaster in NZ! - October 13, 2011:

In early October 2011, The Rena, a Liberian-flagged vessel, struck the Astrolabe Reef, about 12 nautical miles off the coast of New Zealand.

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ), estimated that as much as 300 tonnes of fuel oil had leaked from the vessel, which was carrying 1,700 cubic meters (450,000 gallons) of fuel.

Had the EEL System been installed on board the vessel, the high viscosity fuel could have been extracted before extensive environmental damage could have been made....Learn More >

Successful Testing! - July 28, 2011:

We've had much success and are very excited at the numbers we've gotten back from our optimization runs! We have surprised everyone here at the facility and hopefully with our official tests of yesterday and today we will continue to surprise even more @OHMSETT for the Wendy Schmidt Oil Recovery X Challenge...Learn More >

Welcome to Vor-Tek Recovery Solutions


Vor-Tek Recovery Solutions LLC, headquartered in Southern California, is an environmental technology company founded for the purpose of creating groundbreaking environmental innovation for a cleaner planet.

Vor-Tek Recovery Solutions LLC embodies the passion and determination of individuals from different backgrounds with the mutual goals of marine plastic and oil spill remediation, as well as providing sustainable clean-up solutions for the world's harbors, marinas, rivers, and waterways. The issue of the Pacific Trash Vortex has been particularly important to us and has itself become a launchpad for a number of ideas and innovations targeting marine pollution such as our patented Emergency Extraction Line System which focuses on oil extraction from marine environments.

The Emergency Extraction Line Project (EEL)
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